Fuzhou is an ancient city with a history of more than 2,100 years. It is now the capital city of Fujian Province. Situated by the East Sea and in the lower reaches of the Min River, it is one of the fourteen open coastal cities in China.  It has area of 12,153 square kilometers and a population of nearly 7 million people.


      Residence stone carvings and the cork sculpture are objects of admiration both in China and abroad. Fuzhou has abundant hot springs, with good quality hot spring water being supplied to city residents and visitors. Industry is supplied with power by a grid running from the Gutian hydroelectric plant in the mountains to the northwest. The city is a thriving center for industry, including chemicals, food-processing, timber- working, engineering,  paper- making, printing, and textiles.


         The Sister City relationship between Tacoma and Fuzhou has been active in academic and cultural exchanges extending back to 1994. In 2008, through an initiative of the City and Port of Tacoma and the Municipality of Fuzhou, the relationship took on an additional facet with the establishment of the Tacoma-Fuzhou Trade Project. Tacoma and Fuzhou now enjoy a formal platform for deepening economic cooperation and business development.


 For more information on Fuzhou history and places of interest, please refer to this article "Find your happy place in Fuzhou" in the China Daily USA.



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